Ban In Pakistan Cost Bollywood Millions Of Dollars. Here’s How Much

According to a report, Bollywood saw a huge reduction of 30% in its overseas earnings, mainly due to the ban in Pakistan.

Following the tension on the border with India, the Pakistani government decided to ban the release of Bollywood films across the country.

The ban was announced in August last year when the Indian government decided to revoke the special status given to Kashmir under Article-370. Ever since then, no Bollywood film has been screened in Pakistan.

The ban has proved to be very beneficial for the Pakistani film industry with the recent films getting past the Rs 20 crore mark at the box office. Two Pakistani films, Superstar and Parey Hut Love, managed to earn Rs 30 crore, making them one of the highest-earning films at the box office.

As we all know, Bollywood enjoys a huge fan following in Pakistan. Pakistani fans have contributed billions of rupees to the total earnings of different Bollywood films over the years.

Films such as Sanju and Simmba managed to garner $ 3 million and $ 1.7 million respectively in Pakistan. According to a report, Bollywood saw a huge reduction of 30% in its overseas earnings, mainly due to the ban in Pakistan.

Last year’s Bollywood superhit films, Kabir Singh and War, had the potential to earn nearly $ 2 million in Pakistan. Similarly, other Bollywood flicks including Good Newwz, Total Dhamaal, Housefull 4, Chhichore and Badla also lost potential of nearly $ 2 million earnings at the Pakistani box office.

Looking at all these numbers, it is safe to say that Bollywood lost approximately $18-20 million due to the ban in Pakistan.

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  • Great news, we must ban any kind of trade film culture etc ban until india stop genocide and free Kashmir.
    Kashmir will become part of Pakistan Insha Allah

  • Not only movies but dramas also should be ban in Pakistan strictly. Which cable operator is not cooperating. Should cancel licence and huge fine of millions. We as a Pakistani people ni need such things….

  • Yes… ban should b kept. But along with this we should revive and try to rebuild and make it progressive our film industry by making new and logical,commercial,political topics films. We have a great talent and potential of actors in our country. We should have to build distribution industry,post,mixing, i.e all technology is used to make a film. This process of building and rebuilding together we can create new jobs for the young generation who are related to I.T. Technical. Including all the basic needs and ingredients for making film. Govt. should also have to focus on this.and make partnership with production houses.

  • We are a hypocrite nation. We have banned Indian movies but India made ads are openly running on cable tv. Ban is only beneficial to govt to save foreign exchange and loss to Bollywood to lose earnings. Whereas the people can watch these movies on net.

  • Yes of course Pakistan should also ban all imports from india and must have to go towards starvation. Is pakistan self sustainable in any one matter without India? Of course terrorism?. You losers. First of all buy some tomatoes.

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