Ban on plastic bags imposed on all airports across Pakistan

CAA imposed the ban after withdrawing previous decision.


  • CAA imposes a ban on plastic bags in all airports across Pakistan. 

  • The ban came after CAA withdrew its decision of making plastic wrapping mandatory for luggage. 

  • The new decision will also ban plastic wrapping of food and cutlery. 


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) imposes a ban on the use of plastic bags on all airports across Pakistan. The decision came after the authority made plastic wrapping mandatory on airports, garnering a lot of criticism and media attention.

Previously, the aviation authority made plastic wrapping of luggage mandatory for all airports. The previous was taken, as they said it, to introduce an extra layer of protection. However, the decision received a lot of critical attention because it was contradictory to the government’s policy against single-use plastic. Further, people also called it legalized corruption due to the nature of the agreement.

The past order was a part of an agreement between PCAA and Air Ciro, a company owned by Air Marshal (retd). Shahid Lateef. Shahid Lateef is also a defense analyst. Latif admitted that the company was owned by his late brother and was presently run by him, but insisted that they have followed a ‘complete process’ to acquire the deal.

A complete ban plastic wrapping of food and cutlery as well:

After the withdrawal of the past decision, CAA now has imposed a complete formal ban on single-use plastic. According to the reports, the move with also put a ban on the wrapping of food and cutlery served to passengers during flights.

Shops and restaurants that lie in the premises of the airports will also be required to follow the ban.  Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat has directed the airports to switch to environment-friendly options.

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