Banaspati Ghee – The Leading Cause Of Diabetes And Mental Diseases In Pakistan To Be Banned

Rising percentage of diabetes and multiple health issues in Pakistan has a direct link with the kind of food we consume. Banaspati Ghee, that is a mandatory part of our everyday food intake, has been declared the prime cause of diabetes, obesity and even rising mental diseases in the country by Punjab Food Authority.

According to the stats marked at the World Diabetes Day back in November 2016, about 7.1 million of the population is suffering from diabetes, which is absolutely daunting.

Director General PFA Noorul Amin Mengal said that annual consumption of Banaspati Ghee in Pakistan is about 18 Kilograms per person, which is absurdly higher than Europe i.e 3 kilograms per person.

The panel also observed that during the manufacture of ghee, trans fatty acids and nickel are added to serve as the catalyst, however, the high content of these components in the body lay the foundation of lethal diseases. Considering the consequences, PFA has given a three years deadline to manufacturing companies to stop the production of banaspati ghee products.This span is given to find the alternatives as products with more than 0.5% of Fatty Acids will be banned by the year 2020. 

 Noorul Amin further said that public needs to made aware of the consequences of usage of banaspati ghee and need to immediately stop consuming it. He also suggested that Olive Oil and Soybean Oil are the healthy alternatives of Ghee as they are extracted from natural vegetable sources.

This definitely is a commendable step to prevent the health conditions of the current generations to progress onto the next. Noorul Amin also appreciated the effort PFA is putting in to elevate the food standards and regulate the production to make it as safe for the people as possible.

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