Bangladesh Is All Set To Export Smartphones To The US

"This will be a huge moment for the country, and all Bangladeshis should be grateful for this accomplishment,"- Telecom Minister


In a remarkable achievement, the Bangladesh based company ‘Walton’, is to export smartphones to the US.

The managing director of the company, SM Monjurul Alam, said, “The dream of exporting ‘Made in Bangladesh’ smartphones is finally coming true.”

The first batch of the smartphones, priced between $100 and $200, will be delivered on the 1st of March 2020.

Alam further said that the smartphones are bound for a renowned American brand, and Walton is the original manufacturer.

This kind of manufacturing is known as contract production, which is conventional in Bangladesh’s garments sector.

Alam said, “The US distributor signed a contract with the company a few months ago.”

International Standard Smartphones

After the US, the company is planning to dispatch smartphones to Europe, Australia and other developed countries. “Walton is now manufacturing international standard smartphones,” Alam added.

Bangladeshi Telecom Minister, Mustafa Jabbar told a source, “This will be a huge moment for the country, and all Bangladeshis should be grateful for this accomplishment.”

The company has churned out 60 lakh units: 17 lakh smartphones and 43 lakh basic phones.

Jabbar said, “Walton, along with other companies, is making the country proud as currently 40% of the domestic demand for phones is met by nine local companies.”

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