Barged in a house, stripped and filmed a girl: Who is Usman Mirza?

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Usman Mirza

Islamabad- A man named Usman Mirza has been arrested by the police after a video of him mercilessly assaulting a young couple became viral on the internet.

In the viral video, Mirza can be seen barging into a room with two other men and proceeding to assault the young couple. First, he punched a young man, hurling insults and warnings. After that, Mirza stripped a woman’s clothes, continuing his offensive behavior. However, the extent of Mirza’s sexual abuse against the woman was unclear in the viral clip.

According to details, two months ago, Usman forced the woman to strip naked and filmed her video. He has since been using the video to blackmail her for money.

Mirza’s associate Farhan was also caught. A search for the third defendant in the video is underway.

The video sparked outrage across Pakistani social media, with #ArrestUsmanMirza appearing on the top trends.

Following this, the Islamabad police arrested Usman and filed an FIR against him.

Usman Mirza is reportedly a property dealer.

Usman Mirza and his pals have been drunk driving continuously on our roads. He has been flaunting away his stacks of cash, his collection of Sharaab ki botlein. He has been boasting of his we@pons. Who is supplying him with all of that? You need to be outraged at this Pakistanis. #ArrestUsmanMirza

Posted by Muneeb Qadir on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

While taking notice of the incident, the PTI MNA, Maleeka Bokhari, tweeted, “The Islamabad police has been undertaking prompt action with the IG Islamabad leading the investigation of these heinous crimes. I’ve received many messages of women feeling unsafe and furious. The state is here to protect you and will not spare such barbarians.”

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  • Typical low class people, who just saw money for the first time but still have inferiority complex so they have to show off and do cheap stuff.

  • This does not come only with money, I am pretty sure he has contacts with Zulfi Bukhari plus other political influential. If he has a fouji connection , then it is even worse…

    • From your name I am sure It’s for you mom. Zana ka result ap Jesa hi ho sakta hai. Woh apni hi ma sai

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