Beaconhouse School Decreases 75% Salaries Of Lower Staff, lecturers

No legal action has been taken to reverse the situation.

Beaconhouse salaries

One of the famous and best private schools in Pakistan, Beaconhouse school has deducted a lump-sum amount from the salaries of custodian staff.

According to details, along with the maintenance staff, 75 percent salaries of all co-curricular staff lecturers have also been reduced.

The custodian staff already has a minimum salary range from PKR 14,000 to PKR 15000. It seems utterly brutal to know that their salaries are now a quarter of its actual amount.

Many people have been calling out the school’s relentless behavior; however, no legal action has been taken to reverse the situation.

At the same time, people have been raising their voices regarding the issue and demanding answers from the board of Beaconhouse regarding the matter.

Some employers also claim that the school management has forced them to resign from their positions.

The entire situation is immensely distressing, and we hope that the Higher Education Commission looks into the matter soon.

Public Reaction

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  • Zahir hai India aur America se Funding jo rok di hai humari Intelligence Agencies ne…. yeh beacon house waloun ne boht zulm uthaya hua tha , parents se bhi lakh lakh rupay fees lete rahay thay aur foreign se bhi funding aarahi thi aur wo funding Pakistan ke khilaaf istemaal hoti thi humari nasloun ko khraab karnay mai ..phir upar se corona aagaya……….ab to sai check and balance hota hai bahir se jo funding aati hai …….. yehi cheap harkat karain ge beacon house walay yeh aur kar bhi kia saktay hain

    • Es ka Matlab hey parents STUPID hein ju apney bachet es fazool JAGA per bhejtey hein……….Beacon House eik fazool jega hey……I never see any one studied from Beacon hiuse and did something exceptional….

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