Beggar in Dubai caught hiding AED 300,000 in fake limbs

Such cases have been surging increasingly during the recent few years in Dubai.

Beggar in Dubai caught hiding AED 300,000 in fake limbs

Dubai authorities have taken into custody a beggar hiding AED 300,000 (equal to approximately Rs. 23 million) in his fake limbs. He had collected this amount from begging in the streets of Dubai.

Director of the Dubai Anti-Infiltrators Department, Colonel Ali Al Shamsi has notified and warned against the increase in such cases particularly during the month of Ramzan as it is around the corner.

Such cases have been surging during the recent few years in Dubai. Beggars on the streets of the city beg for assistance from the locals and tourists. As per reports, these beggars on a daily basis tend to earn almost AED 1,000. The amount increaes during the tourist season. Moreover, they also work in teams and keep changing their locations to avoid getting caught.

The department has taken notice of the issue and is conducting inspections very frequently to catch all the illegal activities and specifically, the fake beggars.

Earlier this year, the Abu Dhabi police had arrested numerous beggars. One of them was a woman who begged depsite having a luxury car of her own. As per details, the authorities had taken more than 150 beggars into custody in the emirates from a period of November to December, 2022.

The police warned residents of the city that begging is illegal and unlawful. If they want to donate, they should resort to other authentic means where their help would be brought to good use. The authorities advised donating to registered organizations.

If someone is caught begging in the area, they can be fined for an amount up to AED 5,000 (equal to Rs. 384,500) along with jail for a minimum period of three months. In addition to this, beggar handlers can face even severe punishments, This can include jail for six months and a penalty of AED 100,000.

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