Behind The Closed Doors Of Madrassas : See How This Victim Of Sexual Abuse Turned Into An Assaulter Himself

Educating someone is considered to be a sacred profession in Islam as it is declared as ‘profession of the Prophets’. Any place associated with it is respectable and further a ‘Madrasa’, an educational place that is dedicated to teachings of Islam is more honorable for the followers. But what happened in this Madrassa has not only humiliated the sanctity of the profession and teachings of Islam but also has put humanity to shame.

Cases of sexual harassment have been on rising in madrassas in recent years but this particular has shocked everyone and wrenched thousands of hearts due to many reasons. Number one being how cold-hearted is this person who, after sexually assaulting and murdering two innocent kids, gives his explanation saying ghalti hogaye’.

See what he said here:

Secondly as blamed by the murderer, he was a victim of this brutality as well at the hands of his own teacher. He says that his own experience inspired his course of action which again is so distressing as how a victim turned into the assaulter.

Our society, for years, has been in denial about where the issue exists. And every day our silence has caused an innocent kid’s life either behind the standing buses on Pir Wadhai bus stop or the closed doors of Madrassas. It’s time to break the silence and normalize the discussions regarding this tabooed topic inside your own houses and among public gatherings. What we can do is to at least create an atmosphere of acceptability and have a talk about it so that a children are able to recognize what is happening with them and can report it to you. Breaking stereotypes and tearing stigmas apart has never been an easy thing, but it is dire need of the hour if we want to secure our children from falling prey to these animals.
As it is said, children can’t stop sexual abuse but adults can!

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