[VIDEO] BEING BLACK: Nigerian Youtuber shares his personal experience of living in Pakistan

"I have been reflecting about my time here in Pakistan and compared to what's happening in America, it is so safe and secure here."

Being Black In Pakistan

A Nigerian You Tuber named Abdullah Maroof shared his experience of living in Pakistan. He recently uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel titled ‘Being Black in Pakistan.’

Maroof said, “I have been living in Pakistan for a couple of years, and the experience has been quite good.”

Being Black In Pakistan

He added, “Being black or a foreigner in Pakistan could be a bad thing or a good thing. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to adjust. Some people used to bully me and say something like we should beat him or tease him. However, the bullying has decreased with time.

Speaking about the George Floyd incident, the You Tuber said, “I have been reflecting about my time here in Pakistan and compared to what’s happening in America, it is so safe and secure here.”

Maroof also talked about the VIP protocol the outsiders received by the police. He said, “If you are a foreigner and police stops you, you will have the edge over locals. They will either let you go or may ask some questions, and that’s it.”

‘Celebrity Stares’

Abdullah Maroof also shared his funny staring experiences. He said many new foreigners might misunderstand that, but when you come to Pakistan wherever you go, there will be stares.

“I was at an event and waiting for a friend outside the gate. There was this one person, he was passing by, and when he saw me, he went on to stand near a pole and continuously stared at me for straight ten minutes.”

Speaking about racism in Pakistan, Maroof added, “There is no racism here. However, in the beginning, I used to be called ‘Kale’ ‘Habshi,’ and I hated these words.”

Towards the end, Maroof concluded, “If you are a tourist and think of coming to Pakistan, it’s a very nice and beautiful place. People are very welcoming, and I don’t think you can get that everywhere.”

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  • I know my country and people , this bullying that he explained is normal for every one this discrimination of ill treatment to a new comer is without any further discrimination, we all went through this.As he said Pakistan is beautiful and I love our people.

  • In my Openion In all countries good and bad people are excist But In Pakistan Mostly Pakistani’s are excited to see any foreighner and always Great welcome to every foreighner so please come here In Pakistan As a tourist you will find good hospitality and treating behaviour. and at the And
    i will Thanks To You,

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