Beirut Explosion Analysis and Discoveries: What have we learnt? [WATCH VIDEO]

The blast destroyed the immediate dockside area, creating a crater approximately 140m wide, flooded with seawater.

The YouTuber, and Data Analyst, Anton Petrov, has revealed some important discoveries about last year’s Beirut explosions.

On the 4th of August 2020, a devastating explosion in Beirut killed at least 200 people and injured around 6500.

The blast destroyed the immediate dockside area, creating a crater approximately 140m wide, flooded with seawater.

The warehouse where the initial fire and explosions occurred was destroyed, and an adjacent grain silo was heavily damaged.

Beirut Explosion
Source: 2020 Maxar Technologies

Recently, Petrov uploaded a video on his YouTube channel and presented a detailed analysis of the incident.

Speaking about what exactly happened, the data analyst said, “It is a tragic story of a lot of incompetence and mismanagement which essentially led to the tragic loss of lives.”

“In 2013, a leaky Russian cargo ship originally sailed from the city in Georgia to transport approximately 3000 tons of ammonia to an African country. The Panama company operated by a Russian who allegedly owned the ship did not have enough money for the ship to pass the Suez canal.”

“So in order to make some extra money, he(shipowner) tried to take on additional shipment in the port of Beirut. However, the new shipment was heavy machinery. The ship was already overloaded with ammonium nitrate, and a major part of the ship ended up being damaged and was eventually stranded in Beirut for a very long time.

“Following this, the crew of the ship ended up being stranded there(Beirut) for at least a year. By 2014 the ship was officially seized by the Lebanese authorities because none of the bills were paid, and nothing was done to repair it.

“Meanwhile, a lot of cargo from the ship was ended up being stored inside the port because no one wanted it.”

“Unfortunately, at some point, with the ammonium nitrate, the warehouse also had some fireworks. All this led to the spread of the fire and then eventually the explosion.

The explosion was so powerful that it led to various disturbances of electrons located high up in the earth’s atmosphere.”

“The explosion produced about 1.2 kiloton of power, which is about 120th of the Hiroshima bomb. The explosion then produced a powerful shockwave that traveled southwards at a speed of about 0.8 kilometers per second.”

Scientists worldwide believed that the explosion was generally more potent than a similar explosion that occurred in Wyoming, United States in 1996, making this event one of the most powerful accidental, non-nuclear, explosions that have ever occurred on the planet.

Petrov concluded, “The tragedy, unfortunately, occurred because of human incompetence and complete disregard for human life. Something that could have been definitely avoided if the shipowner was more responsible and didn’t abandon the crew and the ship or if the authorities in the ship dispose of the cargo immediately.”

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