Benami property will be confiscated alongside other punishment; Imran Khan


  • The country can’t be governed without taxes, says Imran Khan.
  • No other scheme will be announced after June 30, says PM.
  • Imran Khan pledges to spend the tax money on people.
  • We need to change our attitude to make progress, he stressed.
  • Half of the income goes to the interest payments for loans.
Reforms will be made in FBR at every level, says PM Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in an interview with the private channel has asked the people to declare the assets before the deadline of June 30. He also said that no one will be allowed to harass the taxpayers. He promised to bring reforms in FBR at every level.

In another appeal to the nation, Prime Minister of Pakistan asked people to avail the opportunity of the tax amnesty scheme to declare their undeclared assets.

No extension in Tax Amnesty Scheme

“Installments will also be given but no extension after June 30,” said Imran Khan.

He informed the public that we pay the least taxes and over the past ten years we took many loans. About half of the income goes into the payment of interest for these loans.

Tax money will be spent on public

He also pledged to spend the tax money in the best interest of the nation. There were talks in media about the trust deficit of people on the tax authority and to get away with the trust deficit the premier said that people think that their tax money won’t be spent on them but I promise that it would definitely be spent on them.

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Vehicles that come under the amnesty scheme

The premier also clarified that non-custom paid vehicles were not included in the scheme but the vehicles that were custom-paid and undeclared can be declared under the scheme.

Benami properties will be confiscated

“Benami property will be confiscated in addition to other punishment,” he mentioned. Prime Minister has repeatedly appealed the nation to declare their benami assets under the tax amnesty scheme. There are speculations that the deadline line for the tax amnesty scheme will not be extended because IMF was not in favor of amnesty scheme and the newly presented budget is made according to the terms and conditions of the international monetary body.

Do you think that the tax amnesty scheme will considerably increase the tax net and will help the government to achieve the targeted levels of tax amount?

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