Mehwish Hayat Likely To Play Benazir Bhutto In Her Biopic And Bakhtawar Dislikes It Already – Here’s Why

Mehwish Hayat is among the most familiar faces in our media industry who have left an impact with their exceptionally strong personalities. Her ability to exhibit her personality traits through her roles have left her utterly astonished and absolutely gobsmacked at multiple occasions. With making a mark in drama industry, Mehwish can safely be regarded as the most successful actress in Pakistani film industry as well.

Soon after leaving us applauding for her Jury Special Award at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Film Festival in Qingdao, China earlier this week for her romantic comedy Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Hayat has hinted something exciting!

Earlier this year, Mehwish shared a picture of her compared to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and shared that she idealizes the late female icon due to her groundbreaking role, valour and strength. She also said that she will consider it a ‘privilege’ if she gets an opportunity to play her role on the big screen.

Though it was subtly hinted back then, recent sources confirm that Benazir Bhutto biopic is in works.

On Benazir’s 65th birthday, Mehwish showed her respect to the slain leader and said that despite being apolitical, she greatly admires her and looks up to her. She also hinted that she can likely be playing her icon in the biopic as well.

“Today would have been Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s 65th birthday. It is an ideal time to reflect on her undoubted achievements.” – She said.

“I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to research and learn more about her life and sitting here I can only reflect on so much more that could have been had she not lost her life so tragically. There was a time when she made women believe that almost anything was possible – she gave us hope and inspired us to reach for the stars.” – She continued.

She concluded her post by saying:

‘’She was a truly remarkable woman and I look forward to giving life to her story soon.”

Honestly, there doesn’t exist a better actress to portray such a strong and impactful female character. Do you think anyone can do it better than her? Share with us your opinions!

The biopic, however, is already being criticized by the late leader’s heirs. Elder daughter of Mohtarma, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, took to Twitter announcing that they will be taking formal action against it as it is being proceeded without their permission and approval.

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