Best Iftaar and Sehri deals for Ramadan in Pakistan 2022

Here are all the delicious deals for you to enjoy!

The holy month of Ramadan has begun, and so have the celebrations surrounding this joyous month of blessings. Masjids are packed with people praying to Allah. The streets have started to tell stories of kindness and love once again.

While ibadat has taken the front seat during Ramadan, the festivities are enjoying a close second. Pakistanis are enjoying the holy month’s blessings with their friends and family through delightful Iftaar and Sehri preparations.

Almost every household is busy making the most wonderful meals to enjoy the month of Ramadan. However, what do people do when they’re not in the mood for cooking? Feel free to focus on your ibadat and stop worrying about what you’ll eat for the day, as several restaurants have put forward amazing Iftaar and Sehri deals for the people.

Here is a list of the best Iftaar and Sehri deals for Ramadan 2022:

Lahore – Dine In

Karachi – Dine In

Islamabad – Dine In

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