Beware of what you post against Polio campaign next time, Facebook to take action against you

If you think you will now post against the International drive against polio and get away with, think again. Because Facebook itself is on board now and it will be deleting all the content and pages that propagate any unscientific anti-polio drops narrative from now on.

In an online meeting with Prime Minister’s focal person on Polio, Babar Bin Atta alongside heads of World Health Organization and UNICEF in Pakistan, Facebook’s Global Regulatory & Content Management Team agreed to remove all the content and pages propagating against this life crippling disease which is not just a threat to Pakistan but a global one.

Not only the scientific community but religious scholars repeatedly have backed this global drive against Polio. The origin of polio conspiracy started in Nigeria originally and later picked pace around the globe. Soon the unverified and fabricated narrative against polio campaign made it to Pakistan, Afghanistan and India as well. What followed was attacks on medics and amputations in children.

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”From where we can put our finger on it, the conspiracy theory originally originated in Nigeria in 2003. A physician and hardline Islamist Dr Ibrahim Datti Ahmed said that polio-vaccine is a plot by the West to reduce the Muslim population and cause infertility.

By mid-2004, the theory had unfortunately plagued India. By 2005, 16 countries that were previously declared polio-free saw cases of polio. By 2012, the crippling disease was now only restricted to three countries – Pakistan being among them.” (Read HERE)

Pakistani religious scholars have also taken the lead to debunk the conspiracy and advised people to vaccinate their children. Here is what Pakistan;s notable Mufti Taqi Usmani has to say about it and this should end this useless debate once and for all.

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