Beyond ‘Wearing Jeans’ – Malala Did Make Pakistan Proud So Many Times

Rewinding back to 2012, the entire nation stood firm with the 15-year-old girl who was left with several wounds when Taliban militants attacked her bus. However, the same girl became the subject of unconditional hate and criticism the following years. What has changed during this time? Or this country only sympathizes with the victims but can’t digest survivors?

Malala became the youngest Nobel prize winner for the rest of the world, but for Pakistanis, she became an American agent. The entire world sang ‘I am Malala, but her fellow countrymen made her the center of countless conspiracy theories and absurd assumptions.
It is safe to say that Malala, over the years, became the nightmare because she was perceived similar to something that people of this country are most scared of – The western culture and a young woman who can speak for herself.

Its true that the victims of terrorism are countless but very few got recognition but the fact that someone from this terrorism plagued country became the messenger of peace and was acing the stage with every speech is a matter of pride for Pakistan, if only we recognize it. Malala further surprised the world by getting herself named among The Most Influential Teenagers in the world.
In short, she became everything that is unconventional and unorthodox for us.

With her name star-studded with honors and awards, Malala got in one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world, The Oxford University. The news was immensely appreciated by the Western media who actually see her as an inspirational figure but was not deemed important enough to be recognized by Pakistani media. Or even worse – she was mocked horribly by the people.

But she never stopped shinning and impressing and even over time winner her haters. How can we forget how she made Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blush in her speech at Canadian Parliament, Have a look.


And then making it to the a dream place of every student who is seriously interested in achieving academic glories.

However, the same Malala when was photographed in jeans in Oxford University became the hot topic of discussion for the people who overlooked her attainments and had no broadcasting space to appreciate what she has achieved till now.

A Pakistani-American journalist Maham Javaid was quoted by The Washington Post saying that the reason that why Pakistanis hate Malala is because they are confused between what she actually stood for and the recognition she got from Western media for her efforts and bravery, which actually is relatable.

By wearing a blindfold of hatred and envy, Pakistan will eventually lose another hero. Because whether we like to acknowledge it or not, beyond wearing jeans, Malala did make Pakistan proud.

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