‘Bhai Dobara Pashto Na Gana’: Twitter Reacts To Ali Zafar’s Pashto Song

Here's what netizens have to say!

Ali Zafar released his new pashto song Laarsha Pekhawar TaAfter singing Balochi and Sindhi songs, Ali Zafar finally released his Pashto song, the rendition of famous “Laarsha Pekhawar Ta.” The song also featured the renowned Pashto singer Gul Panra.

Ali Zafar took his social media accounts and said that this Pashto song is for his Pakhtun brothers.

“My message for my Pakhtun brothers and sisters. Hello to all my Pukhtun fans. I’ve made this song Larsha Pekhawar ta for my beautiful pakhtun fans. I hope you love it,” he said.

The song has so far garnered over 600K views on YouTube. Earlier, the song’s teaser had also received 400K+ views.

Watch The Song:

Twitter Reactions:

Although, some people did like Ali Zafar’s rendition of this iconic Pashto song most of the people asked the singer to stop ”ruining perfectly good songs.”

Another Twitter user asked him not to sing in Pashto again.

Twitter user Saad shared a famous line from The God Father, “look how they massacred my boy”, but it isn’t the boy this time, it’s Saad’s language they have ‘massacred’.

Here is what other Twitter users are saying:

Some netizens showered love on the song:

Laarsha Pekhawar Ta is one of the most iconic Pashto songs ever sung. One of the most famous version of this song has been sung by renowned Pashto singer Humayun Khan.

Humayun Khan also sang this song in Coke Studio 5.

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  • Nothing wrong with the way he has sung the song. I Loved it.

    People are probably expressing their personal grudge against it.

  • Ali zafar sang it beautifully. Furthermore, they both, gull panra and Ali zafar have had nice chemistry..& overall it’s a good effort by him

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