Bhutan and Israel establish ‘full diplomatic relations’

"The Israeli circle of recognition is growing and expanding," said Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.

  • Israel and Bhutan have agreed to normalize relations between their countries.
  • The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small South Asian country between India and China.

Major General Vetsop Namgyel, the Bhutanese ambassador to India, and Ron Malka, the Israeli ambassador to India.

Israel and Bhutan have declared the establishment of full diplomatic relations between the two states.


According to a joint statement, the agreement on Saturday will “open the path to greater cooperation and further bolster relations” between Israel and the South Asian kingdom.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an announcement that the agreement follows several years of covert contacts between Bhutan and Israel to establish relations.

“The Israeli circle of recognition is growing and expanding,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.

“The formation of relations between the Kingdom of Bhutan and us will serve as another milestone in deepening Israel’s ties in Asia.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu welcomed the deal, tweeting that it is “another fruit of the ‘peace’ agreements.”

He added that Israel was in touch with more states to normalize relations.

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Saturday’s announcement comes days after Morocco agreed to normalize relations with Israel, the fourth Arab state to do so since August.

A signing ceremony was held between the Bhutanese and Israeli ambassadors to India on Saturday.


The countries agreed to formulate a joint work plan in healthcare, agriculture, water management, and other areas.

Ron Malka, the Israeli Ambassador to India, called the agreement a “historic day” for his country.

“This agreement will open up further opportunities for cooperation for the benefit of both our peoples,” Malka said on Twitter.

The remote Kingdom of Bhutan, a nation of less than a million people, is wedged between giant neighbors India and China.

It is renowned for its Gross National Happiness (GNH) index, benchmarking itself on happiness instead of economic growth.

Bhutan has tried to shield itself from globalization’s downsides, striving for Gross National Happiness over gross domestic product (GDP) growth, maintaining a carbon-negative economy, and keeping tourist numbers down with a daily fee of $250 per visitor in high season.

While Bhutan is proud of its cultural and political independence, it also has diplomatic relations with around 50 nations.

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  • indeed a bad news. Now Mosad will be officially sitting next to china.

    The new world order is shaping up vary fast. May Allah keep us steadfast in the war that is knocking our door.

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