Video of singer Bilal Saeed beating up a couple outside his home goes viral [VIDEO]

While the reason for the fight is unknown.


A video of singer Bilal Saeed verbally abusing and physically assaulting a couple outside his home has gone viral on social media. Saeed is known for his unmatched caliber and viral songs, however, the recent clip has shaken his fan base.

While the reason for the fight is unknown, the rumors on social media claim that the couple in the video is actually Saeed’s own brother and sister-in-law. The singer himself has chosen to stay silent about it and no public statement has been made from his side yet.

~ This is a developing story. Will be updated accordingly. 

  • جیسا رزق اندر جائے گا ویسا ہی باہر آئے گا نظر
    لعنت ہاں مادر پدر آباد نو دولتیوں پر بھی

  • Send him to Jail, regardless of any reason he should not raise hand on a Women, Shame on Bilal Saeed or whoever He is, Strict action should be taken boycott him on all, level

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