Bill Gates says ‘coronavirus will be back in Oct-Nov’ when temperatures get lower [VIDEO]

He warned that is why people should galvanize for fall when cooler temperatures will return.

Bill Gates. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Bill Gates has said that COVID-19 ‘will be back in big numbers’ in October-November when the temperatures start lowering.

In an interview with CNN, The American business magnate started off saying, “The only good news in this is that the death rate has gone down somewhat, as we are learning how to treat people better, we are less overloaded,”. However, he added “but the global sketch and the US sketch are both bleaker than I would have expected.”

Gates continued that “we are not as tough on contact tracing or enforcing quarantine” nor have many people in his country, the US, been taking wearing masks seriously. Some political groups are conscientiously opposed to wearing masks, an idea that is not particularly helpful if the goal is to reduce the spread of the deadly virus.”

Such unmindful behavior has been given a bit of a break because of the warm temperatures of summer, Gates said. But he warned that is why people should galvanize for fall when cooler temperatures will return.

“The weather is helping us a little — May would have been much worse if the virus wasn’t somewhat seasonal. We know now that we are benefiting from the summer. And so the force of infection will get worse in the fall, so all the more reason not to get completely negligent in our behavior.”

Ultimately, the solution is a vaccine, Gates said, and he remains optimistic that more than one vaccine will be made available and will be mass-manufactured.

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