Billboards Supporting Ahed Tamimi Removed Across London

The world started endorsing a Palestinian teenager girl Ahed Tamimi as a symbol of bravery valor as the video of her confronting an Israeli soldier surfaced the internet. Belonging to Nabi Salih, Ahed has been seen active against protests in the occupied West Bank. Tamimi tribe is known for confronting the armed soldiers and take responsibility for protecting the rest of the villagers.

Ahed was leading a protest against Israeli forces along with other women when she came face to face with Israeli armed soldier outside her family’s home. Ahed was seen slapping and resisting the soldiers in the video, that was recorded by a fellow protestor. She was arrested four days after the video went viral. She is charged with assault, throwing stones at IDF soldiers and interfering with their duties.

She was hailed as a hero and a symbol of Palestinian’s struggle for freedom all across social media. After the news of her arrest broke, people started protesting for her freedom. In her support, boards were also put up on bus stops across London.

The billboards read ‘Free Ahed Tamimi’, featuring a black and white photo of Ahed, an armed soldier and a Palestinian flag at the back. They were brought into JCDecaux’s notice, the company that is in charge of bus-stop advertisement in the city, by NW Friends Of Israel, organization set to advocate for Israel.

Responding to it, JCDecaux said that the boards were put up ‘illegally’ and equated it with an act of vandalism.

Following that, all the boards supporting Ahed Tamimi or ‘backing’ her up were removed across the city bus stops.

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