Billion Tree Project Success: The production of honey increases by 70%

The significant aspect makes this a truly successful project.

There are so many aspects that make Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ambitious Billion Tree Tsunami project a success. However, the impact can be seen more clearly now as due to the plantation of thousands of trees in Changa Manga artificial forest under this project, Pakistan’s local honey production has increased by a whopping 70%.

The beehives that were previously auctioned for Rs729,000 in the year 2016 are now valued at Rs1.3 million. Speaking to The Express Tribune, the Forest Department officials said that the project can lead to an increase in this value to up to Rs10 million.

Forest Officer Shahid Tabassum said that the credit for the milestone goes to the project, as 85% of the trees were planted in the past few years.

“Hundreds of beehives can be seen in the Changa Manga forest,” Tabassum said.

“In the financial year 2016-17, the honey was auctioned for Rs729,000 and in 2017-18 for Rs1.15 million,” he added.

According to the experts, Pakistan imports about 400 tonnes of honey. The imported amount is only 2% of the total demand. Hence, most of the demand is catered by local production.

With honey and wax, green pollen, royal jelly, a compound called propolis and bee stings are also obtained from the hives. The propolis is sold at Rs1,000 per kilogramme, wax Rs1,100, pollen Rs2,000 and royal jelly at Rs30,000 per kg.

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  • Plant more and more in urban areas as well. On road sides. On Signals and crossings. Only planting and increased water table level can save big cities in Pakistan with environment issues.

    • Be the change you want to see .. Instead of telling and asking others, how many have you planted? No offense bro but charity begins at home.

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