[VIDEO] Confused BJP workers burn effigy of Kim Jong Un, mistaking him for Chinese President Xi Jinping

Well, that is hilarious!

Twitter had a field day after a video of BJP workers from Asansol, West Bengal burning an effigy went viral. Disgruntled and confused, the party workers ended up setting a representational figure of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on fire, mistaking him for Chinese Leader Xi Jinping.

BJP supporters hit the streets to express how angry they were with China following the recent violent faceoff between both neighbors. They burnt effigies and yelled ‘Boycott China’. However, there was a slight mix-up.

In the video, a group of men can be seen protesting, saying that they are out to burn ‘Kim Jong Un’s statue’.

The video is making rounds on social media as #KimJongUn trends on Twitter. As soon as the video went viral, it became a meme on global Twitter.

Here’s how the people reacted:

Indians have also started to delete applications from China, leaving negative reviews about them on Playstore. They are uninstalling TikTok, PUBG, and many other apps.

The clash in Galwan Valley between Indian and Chinese troops is the biggest confrontation between the militaries of the two countries since the 1967 war.

The standoff has given birth to anti-Chinese sentiments in India, with many people criticizing and calling to boycott their products in protest.

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