I want recovered black money to be invested in education – PM Khan

The premier stressed that the interim government had failed to "focus on education" due to the "game of survival" it faced ever since it came into power.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that he is considering introducing a law to invest the recovered black money towards education.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology (PAF – IAST) at Mang in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa\\’s Haripur City, PM Imran said:

I am considering passing a law to divert money, brought in from corrupt individuals by the government\\’s asset recovery unit, towards education. The more we invest in education, the more secure our children\\’s and country\\’s future will be.

The premier stressed that the interim government had failed to “focus on education” due to the “game of survival” it faced ever since it came into power. Regarding this, Imran Khan said:

The PTI regime\\’s first year was spent stabilizing the economy, while the coronavirus pandemic intervened in the second year. Now, I attempt to divert all saved money to education.

As per PM Imran Khan, to progress, Pakistan needs to become a knowledge economy and “free its minds” from colonialism. Reminiscing, he said:

The dependency syndrome was put on us [after independence]. I remember that in my cricketing days, during my first tour to England, my seniors said that “the tour would be a big success if you lose respectfully”.

During the speech, the premier questioned: Why does Pakistan not produce its scientists or inventions? Why does Pakistan not have technical juggernauts such as Facebook and Microsoft?

Answering his questions, PM Imran said:

That is because the [West] have opted for technology and innovation, and we have become the copies. Now is the right time for the country to take up the technological advancement path. We do not want to become good slaves [but] we want to find our way. And this will happen through the establishment of a knowledge economy. Pakistan is also at an advantage, as the country has a young population and a lot of talent.

Concluding his speech, the Prime Minister thanked the inauguration\\’s audience and the gathering\\’s virtual participants from China and Austria and said that he looked forward to future cooperation.

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  • Go after cigarette manufacturers in your party. They have the most black money out there followed by cement seths.

  • I hope PPP/PMLN kind of parties will use their full force against this plan. If people will be educated who will vote for them?

  • Mr. PMIK you have no capacity to recover a single rupiyyah from any culprit, all you can do is talk but no action. yeah ker donga or woh ker donga

  • ap ka nam Imran khan niazi ki jaga Imran bol bachan hona chaiye tha sir baaten bohat ho gai Kam jab karenge loota hua Paisa jab aye ga tab aye ga taleemi nizaam behtar hone k liye aur kitna wait Karen kia ap PM hoty hue sirf itna sa Kam nahn Kar sakty shame on you

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