Blackmailing Takes Life Of A 22-year-old In Muzaffargarh

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death around the world, and its influence in Pakistan is also increasing at an alarming rate. However, the most under-talked about aspect of it is how blackmailing and cyberbullying can be behind the majority of these cases.

One of them has been reported in Muzaffargarh, where blackmailing has forced a 22-year-old woman to take her own life, as reported by police. The victim was found hanging from the ceiling of their room in Shehr-i-Sultan area of Muzaffargarh’s Jatoi tehsil, the incident happened on Friday.

As per the First Information Report (FIR), mother of the victim lodged a complaint against a primary suspect who allegedly lived in the same area and was forcing to marry the victim. He and his friends started to blackmail her after her family refused the marriage proposal three months earlier. On Thursday, the prime suspect along with his accomplices barged into the house and threatened them that if the victim is married off to someone else, they will upload compromising material about her on social media.

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However, the blackmailing continued and the pressure forced the victim to take this daring step. She allegedly hanged herself with a dupatta, as reported in the FIR. Her mother stated that the victim took her life due to the continuous blackmailing and threats that she received.

As per Station House Office Talib Babar, case investigation has been initiated against seven suspects under Section 322, that is punishment for qatl-bis-sabab. of the Pakistan Penal Code at Police Station Shehr-i-Sultan.

The police are still investigating the case and are yet to come up with staunch evidence against the suspects.

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