Blasphemy case registered against 50 miscreants who vandalized Ghotki temples

Blasphemy law makes it mandatory for every citizen to protect the sanctity of every religion.


  • A student accused his teacher, Notan Das of blasphemy in Ghotki.

  • Following the accusation, the enraged mob attacked the school and vandalized Hindu temples in the vicinity.

  • In a first, a case has been registered against miscreants. 


A blasphemy case has been lodged against the miscreants behind the Ghotki incident. According to the journalist Mubashir Zaidi, FIR has been lodged against extremists who took the law in their hands, vandalized temples and damaged the public property.

Police register a blasphemy case against 50 rioters who vandalized Hindu temple in Ghotki”, Zaidi wrote. 

Following the incident, Senator Saeed Ghani reached the temple on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s and CM Sindh’s directions. He was accompanied by religious scholars of various schools of thoughts and the Hindu community was assured full protection and cooperation in the matter.

What happened in Ghotki?

According to the available reports and words from Sindh’s minority activists, a student accused his principal, Notan Das of blasphemy in Ghotki. Following the accusation, the enraged mob attacked the school and vandalized it. However, not only the school but the wrath also found its way to the local Hindus as temples and properties were attacked as well.

According to prominent Hindu activist Kapil Dev, Notan Das has been heading the school for 30 years. The recent accusation against him is purposeful and people behind it have vested interests to disrupt the ambiance of the city, where people belonging to both religions have coexisted peacefully for ages.

”Hindus living in Ghotki are under siege as miscreants are vandalizing properties of Hindus & temples after a teacher Notan Das was accused of blasphemy. Mr. Das has been teaching for 30 years, but some vested interests are distorting peace & interfaith harmony in Sindh,” Kapil wrote. 

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  • Right action…marginalization of our minorities could not be allowed in Islami Jamhoria Pakistan….but accusation of student against professor be also investigate and who ever found guilty be punished accordingly…

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