Blast From The Past : How Nawaz Shairf Used To Stand Along Judiciary And What He Used to Say About PPP’s Government

Its just matter of time and all your old narratives can turn against your own self. Recently an old video of Ex Prime minister Nawaz Shairf has emerged and the afore mentioned case just happen to him. PTI now a days is standing by Judiciary since it gave decision against Nawaz Sharif, it is even holding a rally in Lahore specially to show its solidarity and support for Judiciary.

PMLN now a days is selling a narrative that the Judiciary is aligned with PTI and is giving decisions favorable to it. One may dare ask from Mr. Ex Prime Minister, were you also aligned with Judiciary when it was giving decisions against PPP’s Prime Minister Gilani and you were standing by the Ex CJ Iftakhar Choudhry. This video only demolishes the ‘conspiracy’ narrative of their own. have a look.


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