Bleed Green and White: Hindu Family Thrown Out Of Rented Home Due To Religion

The recent events have sparked a serious concerned debate about the white in our Pakistani flag. Long forgotten is its real purpose and what it symbolizes but we need to start reconsidering it. A few days ago, we witnessed an intense hate wave against Pakistan’s Ahmadi community, followed by an acid attack on a Christian manager because his co-worker’s ego couldn’t digest working under a Christian and now, another shameful incident has really shaken up our conscious and criminal silence on the subject.

Happening right in the heart of the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad or should we say, the most privileged area in the entire country a Hindu from Sindh was thrown out of his rented house on the basis of religious differences.

Sawai Mal moved to the national capital three months back from Sindh along with his family. He shared on Facebook that his neighbours complained to the owner of the house and showed discontent about renting out the house to a Hindu family.


Sawai said that the owner lives in London himself and has sent them an eviction notice, asking to vacate the house immediately. Famed journalist, Rauf Klasra also shared the story and condemned it in an unforgiving tone. He said that we unjustly blame lack of education and awareness for our intolerant behaviour while even modernized and progressing London can’t change Pakistanis’ mentality.

He also said that Muslims even feel threatened in cities where they outnumber the minorities with dramatic figures while claim rights and complain of racist behaviour when going to European countries themselves.

To honour the minorities of this country, that have shrunk from 30% to only 3% the least we can do is accept them as equal citizens of the state and recognize in all the ways they are contributing towards the country – just like we want ourselves to feel in foreign countries.

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