Blood-pressure Medicine Banned For Having Cancer Causing Agents


Drug inspectors and quality controllers have confiscated a commonly used blood pressure medication while surveying pharmacies and medical stores in provincial capital Lahore.

Valsartan, a widely prescribed medication used to regulate high blood-pressure has been banned by DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) after strong shreds of evidence verified it being carcinogenic*.

*carcinogenic: having the potential to cause cancer.

The authorities have also ordered the drug inspectors to launch a crackdown against those who are still selling the China-manufactured tablet. The drug was investigated and tested after worldwide on Valsartan was called. It was used in treating high blood pressure and patients at risk of cardiac arrest. Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals was producing under-question Valsartan.

“The medicine is mainly prescribed to those individuals who face high blood pressure or are at a risk of congestive heart failure. It has not only been banned in Pakistan; other countries around the world are also taking the same steps” – said a DARP official speaking to a local news source, while wishing to stay anonymous.

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Instructions were sent out to Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Pakistan’s biggest public hospital focused on cardiac patients, to immediately stop using it. Other hospitals were also sent similar instructions and were told to immediately replace it with an effective alternative.

“Further, health secretaries across the province were instructed to strictly monitor hospitals and take strict action against those continuing to prescribe the medication’’ – added the DARP official. (Source: Express Tribune)

Via: Express Tribune

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