Bohemia Dedicates His New Song To Zainab And Victims Of Child Abuse – Listen To It Here

With the increased influence and outreach, artists have used their work to increase awareness and inspire millions of the people across the world. The medium of art is used to send the message in a manner that is easier to understand and absorb for the people due to relevancy and the potential it has.

After recent series of the incident, Pakistan’s attention has gradually but firmly shifted to the issue of child abuse. Zainab’s murder was the last bullet that the nation could take and now it feels like the frustration that silence had built inside us, is finally coming out. Influencers have used their respective platforms to contribute to the cause and Bohemia adds to the list.

The California-based Pakistani Rapper has come up with a new song called ‘Gumrah’  dedicating it to Zainab and victims of sexual abuse like her worldwide.

The heart-touching song amplifies how we as a society have lost track of the values and morals that make us worthy of being called humans. He highlights how we have blinded ourselves to what’s right and wrong while being led under the influence of power.

His effort is basically subjected to how our collective societal behavior is progressively worsening our conditions. He also mentioned how people with influence are manipulating lower class and how evils of corruption have engulfed us.
Listen to the complete song here:


The almost five minutes track really inspires us to look what we have done and where we are leading to.
Everything around us is calling for some concentrated soul-searching and it’s about time we realize that!

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