Pakistan’s Top Media Group BOL Appeals Nation to Pray as BOL News is Facing Immense Pressure for Showing “Haqeeqi Journalism”

BOL News is Pakistan’s most viewed channel that defies all duress and threats to uphold its narrative of “Haqeeqi Journalism”.

This country has become a place where journalism is not safe anymore and Media channels are being deceptive, BOL News remained truthful and encouraged for lawful Journalism despite all the pressures. BOL News is Pakistan’s most viewed channel that defies all duress and threats to uphold its narrative of “Haqeeqi Journalism”. From the beginning, BOL News has been facing challenges in for standing with the People.

Sami Ibrahim, a senior journalist and a well-known personality in Pakistan was targeted and the channel was forced to mute his voice by shutting down the show. BOL being No.1 supported the freedom of expression honestly and continued with the programme. A False FIR was also filed against him but he didn’t turn his back and came back to Pakistan and faced the case with mettle and resilience.


In another attempt, the pressure was mounted on BOL News when it’s another anchorperson Jameel Farooqui was arrested and the channel was pushed to expel him but the media house showed its stance and stood with its member in the dark time and a press release was issued stating that BOL would make any compromises on showing true journalism and will not expel any of its members under illegal pressure.


Contrastingly, Sabir Shakir, an employee of another private channel faced the same situation and was punished for speaking the truth, was expelled from the channel and eventually was forced to leave the country. Only BOL is supporting him, when other channels are too scared to promote his honest journalism.

BOL stood with the Martyred journalist Arshad Sharif when his voice was put down. Despite great pressure top media group BOL never turned the coat on the Haqeeqi journalist, even after he was murdered in Kenya. No.1 channel kept standing with its family and uncovered the Real Story behind his death.

As a result, the channel had to face frequent bans and was even under huge pressure when true journalists like Siddique Jan and Shahabuddin were joining the team.

When PTI started its march for Haqeeqi Azadi, BOL News showed its massive support for the cause and stood with the nation in the time of struggle. The Channel never disappointed the people of Pakistan when all other channels were fabricating the news and the people had only one face showing the true coverage and that was BOL.

The channel also underscored the issue of Cypher in contrast with other channels where the issue was slanted for personal gains


BOL News kept raising its voice for the FIR against the assassination attempt on Imran Khan and against the matter revolving around the video of Azam Swati – a Senator who was assaulted.

Moreover, the Pakistan’s most viewed media channel came under fire for broadcasting the PTI rallies and was forced through FBR, Customs, and PEMRA but it never spoke a word as the channel longed for peace and stability in Pakistan and never criticizes its institutions. BOL never paid heed to the pressures being built and was never interested in gaining TRPs or making money, all that the channel want is to keep the nation abreast with the truth and to stand with it.

For all these reasons, the channel has been in a suffering phase and is requesting fans all across the world to pray for the media house for standing to its grounds even if it has to go the extra mile for the righteous cause. Pakistan’s Number one media group in this time of pressure is asking the nation and people across the world to pray for its well-being and for its stability.

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