VIDEO | How BOL News clarified its position on the ‘Murree Brewery’ controversy

The BOL hosts clarified their stance on-air.

Living up to its contentious image, BOL News found itself in yet another controversy during the month of Ramadan. The news outlet showed ‘Murree Brewery’, one of Pakistan’s most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages manufacturer, as one of its Iftaar sponsors.

When many religious scholars and celebrities sat down for Iftaar on the show, a message popped up that read ‘Iftar sponsored by Murree Brewery’.

This caused outrage on social media, as people expressed their disappointment that how did the channel let a company that produces alcoholic beverages sponsor Iftaar.

Actor Danish Taimoor responded to the controversy during his game show on BOL, saying that the company is also a ‘juice manufacturer’.

“People are assuming its just alcohol. But as Muslims, we cannot even think of doing it,” he said.

The host went on to name juices and other non-alcoholic drinks produced by the company.


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    جو پیغام اور اشتہار لوگوں تک پہنچانا تھا وہ پہنچا دیا گیا بلکہ اس پر تبصرہ کر کے اس کی مزید تشہیر بھی کر دی گئی 

    اب وضاحتیں دے کر کس کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہیں –  عوام تو بے وقوف ہوتی ہے اس کو کیا سمجھ 

  • paisey aane chahye, chahye jaise marzi aaein

    the owner of bol news, got rich selling server spaces to porn sites and selling fake degrees. What else do you expect from such a man?

  • سارا ملک جانتا ہے کہ بول ٹی ؤی کے مالکان کا تعلق بھی ان باوردی/بےوردی سے ہے جواگرروزہ رکھتے بھی ہیں تو افطار میں شراب کا اہتمام ضرور کرتے ہیں!

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