BOL TV Falsely Accusing Jibran Nasir Of Blasphemy As Part Of An Organized Campaign To Protect Shahrukh Jatoi?

Social and mainstream media were set on fire as Shahrukh Jatoi and others accused of Shahzeb murder case were released on bail. Ten civil society activists decided to approach Supreme Court to contest against SHC ruling. Back in 2013, Supreme Court had taken suo motu notice of the murder. Jibran Nasir is among those ten activists who filed a petition in the apex court, challenging Sindh High Court’s order, where it is stated that the murder does not fall within the jurisdiction of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

They have stated that they have legal standing to file the petition as they are residents of the same locality where the murder took place (Defense Housing Authority) and it impacted them as well as the incident struck horror and fear among the residents.

This significant step has definitely met the activists – especially Jibran Nasir – with a lot of opposition as previously the activist has faced the accusations of being involved in activities that are against the state’s interest.
Though Jibran has found himself on the receiving end of these blames countless times, this time, in particular, it has caught people’s eyes as this new wave of accusations has come at the same time as his significant role in Shahzeb murder case.

BOL TV has used an old but efficacious weapon to tarnish Jibran’s repute that the activist himself, as well as many other people, believe to be a part of an organized campaign against him and to protect Jatoi.
The media network has accused him of blasphemy – the effective tool that has less been used to protect people’s religious sentiments and more as an instrument of political vengeance – without any staunch proof.

Jibran also expressed his views saying that he is being targetted for pursuing justice and exercising his constitutional right of approaching the Supreme Court.

For an established media channel to accuse someone of blasphemy, especially when it is obvious that it’s equal to endangering their life, is highly irresponsible and does raise a lot of questions. However, after being repeatedly wounded, the nation has learned to question and not blindly follow. They have shown their strong support for Jibran on all social media platforms.

No propaganda and an unauthentic stream of accusations should rip a Pakistani off of their constitutional rights. It’s every citizen’s moral and national responsibility to raise voice against injustice. Bowing down to it only means to let it be a norm. Yesterday’s Shahzeb can tomorrow be one of us as well.

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