Do you know these Bollywood actors said ‘NO’ to anti-Pakistan roles in movies?

Reports state that back in the day, actor John Abraham, also made similar demands while filming for Goal.

Many events and happenings have deteriorated the relationship between India and Pakistan over the past few years. However, regardless of the political pressure, some celebrities from both countries refuse to stoop down to the same level and resort to hatred.

There’s no denying that certain Bollywood filmmakers have actively played their part in portraying Pakistanis as villains. The back-to-back release of films like Gadar, LOC, and Sarfarosh, made Pak-bashing a trend in the Indian entertainment industry. Now with the movie Tiger 3 on the way, all set to portray Emraan Hashmi as a Pakistani agent, people doubt the filmmakers’ intentions to showcase anti-Pakistani content.

In all this mistrust and negativity, things start to look up when some Bollywood actors and actresses refuse to jump onto the bandwagon of creating anti-Pakistan content. According to sources, actor Akshay Kumar once refused to bad-mouth Pakistan in his film Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo.

The movie Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo was shot in 2007. And the script of the film featured lines with negative political connotations against Pakistan. After reading the script, Akshay Kumar threatened to quit the film if the lines were not deleted from the script. The actor wasn’t too pleased with the not-too-strong role assigned to him either.

Akshay Kumar is well known for his enthusiasm and passion for patriotic films. However, the actor is very mindful of steering clear of things that may hurt the sentiments of any community. He proved that he is a man of principles when he refused to insult and criticize Pakistan in the film.

Reports state that back in the day, actor John Abraham, also made similar demands while filming for Goal. In one scene of the movie, John Abraham had to indirectly bad mouth Pakistan’s cricket team. The actor refused and asked the lines to be replaced with something that was not “hostile.”

Incidents like these point out that Bollywood is not all bad. While some people in the Indian entertainment industry might be conspiring against Pakistan, others are doing their part in trying to end the hostility.

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  • That is the difference between good and bad they focus on quality of work and not involving dirty Politics. You may gain indian viewers but you lose Pakistani viewers and your ratings go down that you are Dirty Modi servant.

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