Why was the Bollywood clip removed from PM Khan’s Instagram? Real reason revealed

Watch the video here!


Prime Minister Imran Khan is going viral on Twitter after he posted a video on his official Instagram account. The video was a clip from the 1984 Bollywood film Inquilaab.

The prime minister attempted to point out how political parties discredit their rival political parties to replace them through the video clip.

“It’s what has been planned against the PTI government from day one by the corrupt mafias,” read the caption on the video, which was deleted five hours after it was posted.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, the Focal Person to the Prime Minister on Digital Media, Dr. Arsalan Khalid, stated that the clip was posted by a member of Khan’s social media team because the scenes “accurately reflected the current situation and the unrest of the opposition.” 

Explaining the reason behind the deletion, Dr. Arsalan said that a routine quality control check that takes place after few hours led to the removal of the clip. 

When asked if the Prime Minister personally makes these posts on social media, the premier’s aide said the Prime Minister mainly uses Twitter. All tweets are posted by him(PM), adding that PM Khan rarely uses Instagram and has a team to manage that. 

Released in 1984, Inquilaab featured Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Utpal Dutt, Kader Khan, Ranjeet, and Shakti Kapoor.  

In the video clip shared on the PM’s account, Kader Khan and Utpal Dutt are seen planning a sinister move against the government.

Watch the clip here: 

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  • PM digital media team’s blunder. Trying to be more loyal than the king.
    Lame excuse of quality control check. All such stuff should be check before posting.

  • Thats been my belief since before Imran Khan had won the election. that if he did win, business mafia with the backing of the nawaz and zardari will create chaos in pakistan and only than anti Pakistan countries will join them.

  • Because PM is currently doing better acting than it was showing in the small video from the old Bollywood movie.

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