Bolti Khidki: An Indo-Pak joint platform uniting people through partition stories

Dutt and Hayat created a Facebook page named "Bolti Khidki (The Speaking Window)" in 2017

Bolti Khidki

Faisal Hayat from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and Sandeep Dutt from Ludhiana, India, have never met. However, this has not stopped them from forging a deep bond between each other and many others from both sides of the border.

Dutt and Hayat created a Facebook page named “Bolti Khidki (The Speaking Window)” in 2017. It is a unique online platform where people from both countries interact with each other, narrating their partition stories and even finding their old acquaintances from pre-Partition times.

Youngest Pakistani Author

Faisal Hayat, a 22-year-old, will be the youngest Pakistani author who will publish a book on real partition stories.

During an exclusive interview with, Faisal said, “Sandeep and I connected through a social networking site when I needed someone from across the border for my first-semester project. Dutt told me that he was learning the Urdu language from someone who migrated from Pakistan. From there, an idea popped into our minds, and we decided to start a platform to share Partition-era stories of people from both sides.”

Faisal added, “Initially, we wanted to cover 16 stories, but after getting massive response from  people we extended. ”

Response from Pakistan

Speaking about the response from both countries, Faisal said, “Our initiative was well received in India as compared to Pakistan. He said that by the time we were about to complete 40 stories, 16 Indian news outlets featured our work. However, there was not a lot of coverage by the Pakistani media. Many Radio channels interviewed Sandeep, and universities invited him to share the journey of our project.

Narrating on how he collected the partition tales, the 22-year-old said, “During the last two years, I visited more than 58 cities, villages in Pakistan, and collected around 280 stories. Moreover, we collected 285 stories from India, 20 from Bangladesh, and five from the United States.”

Towards the end of the interview, Faisal told, “As we have crossed the 500 stories mark, we are planning to launch a book titled ‘Bolti Khidki’ this year. The book will be globally launched in association with The Oxford University Press.”

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