Once A Bonded Labor, Now In Senate Of Pakistan – Read Krishna Kumari’s Story Here

Religious tolerance and cultural harmony are two things that have been repeatedly under discussion in Pakistan but it has been a rare sight to practically witness them. But, to all the well-wishers who pray for a united Pakistan, news of Krishna Kumari Kohli stepping into the Senate of Pakistan came as a fresh breeze of hope.

Belonging to Sindh’s Hindu community and representing Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP) the candidate has filed her nomination papers for Senate elections. If elected, Krishna Kumari will be Pakistan’s first female Hindu senator. But as all of us can imagine, the journey wasn’t easy.


Krishna was born in 1979 and remained shackled by a landlord in Umerkot district. She was held captive along with her family at the vulnerable age of 10. Later, she was married at the age of 16 but fortunately, she got a strong man who supported her dreams and she completed her post-graduation in Sociology from Sindh University.

She garnered attention for her work for the under-educated and underprivileged community in the Thar Desert. Later, in 2005 she started social activities and seminars in Thar. She conducted various case studies on women under bondage, sexual harassment at workplace and bonded labour.

The recent condition in the areas makes her nomination even more strong. Apart from representing a minority religious group, Krishna is a living example that no barrier can hold you back if you are determined to achieve your goals. With her representation on political grounds, Krishna wants to ‘’set a new precedent and empower women from remote areas and minority communities’’.

Krishna also shared that being a minority, she never faced any discrimination but what actually puts a constraint on one’s ability is lack of education that leads to lack of opportunities. She also said that if she gets the mandate she has one goal in mind and that is the education of girls in Sindh.

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