BONDED LABOR: Remembering the Darshan Masih case on 32nd anniversary [VIDEO]

A Founder of BRIC Pakistan and former child-bonded laborer, Liaqat Javed, organized the event.

A non-profit organization named BRIC Pakistan has celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the landmark Darshan Masih case. An event was organized to honor 22 of the surviving 30 laborers who had signed the historic petition that became the basis for the Bonded Labor Act of 1992.

A Founder of BRIC Pakistan and former child-bonded laborer, Liaqat Javed, organized the event, which was attended by laborers, lawyers, activists, and political figures.

Guest Speakers at an event said, “There has been complete impassivity of the ruling powers to the situation of modern slaves and bonded laborers in the country.

All the participants lauded the now-forgotten laborers’ hard work who made efforts to protect the rights of the exploited classes. They made history by moving the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take its first suo motu notice on the 18th of September 1988.

However, despite the progressive legislation, not much has changed owing to a failure to implement laws.

At the event, speakers urged the audience, mostly laborers and their families, to continue the struggle on civil liberties to pick up steam.

What is Darshan Masih case?

The case was started on the 20th of July 1998 when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Afzal Zullah, received a telegram from a brick kiln worker named Darshan Masih and 20 others including women and children. They urged the Chief Justice to help save them from being abducted by brick kiln owners.

Following this, the Court sent a report to the IG police to recover the mentioned workers. The Court then directed to protect the laborers’ interests and prevent them from being exploited by the owners.

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