These Bone-chilling Photos Reveal The True Horrors Of Rohingya Massacre

Bone-chilling photographs have revealed the horrors of Myanmar. Ten Rohingya men, who were shot and hacked to death, were firstly tortured and tied together. According to photos released by Reuters news agency as an element of ongoing investigations, the photographs showed ten men tied together in a line while facing the camera.

Source: Sky News

Later, the same men were discovered tangled and dripping in blood being a victim of violent death. After violence in Myanmar gained momentum back in September, there has been a debate regarding what actually is going on.

However, these pictures expose that contrary to what is trying to be portrayed, what’s happening in Myanmar is enough to even make the most insensitive of hearts bleed.
The village of Inn Din was looted and burned by police, informal militia and Army according to the witnesses before these ten men were killed and dumped in a shallow grave. According to witnesses, they were either shot by Myanmar troops or hacked to death by the villagers. As per Sky News correspondent Ashish Joshi, who himself has visited Rohingya refugee camps, says that ‘the men were forced to watch’ as their Buddhist neighbours dug a shallow grave.

Abdu Shakur, whose son Rashid Ahmed was killed
Source: Sky News

The killings closely followed the series of attacks on Myanmar police post by Rohingya militants. They also attached an army base, which is believed to ignite this horrific chain of brutality in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims.

Rehana Khan, whose husband Mohammed Nur was killed.
Source: Sky News

Heather Nauert, the spokeswoman of US state department, says that this brings to attention the urgent need for Burmese authorities to cooperate and thoroughly investigate the violence.
Zaw Htay, the government’s spokesperson didn’t deny the allegations, saying that they would investigate if ‘an evidence is provided of human rights violations’.
He even defended the terrorist attacks saying that ‘the world needs to understand who started it first’.

Via Sky News

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