‘Wagyu Babe’: Lahore restaurant under fire for serving a dish in which you have to ‘undress’ a doll

The food industry is highly competitive since there are so many eatery options available for people. Restaurants introduce unique and distinctive food and dessert items with catchy names to attract potential customers to choose them for their next done out. In this race to be the top pick, some restaurants go too far.

Recently, a social media user brought one such restaurant to our attention. The restaurant’s name is Bozo, and it is located in Lahore. The owners of Bozo serve an unusual dish on the menu that has angered the netizens. 

About the dish – Wagyu Babe:

As seen in the pictures uploaded by the social media user, the dish called “Wagyu Babe” features a Barbie doll on a plate. People have to undress the Barbie to see what food item she’s hiding. The doll is covered with a dress of 150 grams of premium grade Wagyu, which people eat to see what the doll hides inside. 

This restaurant by the name of Bozo in Lahore has this dish on its menu that they immediately need to take off! It's…

Posted by Ayesha Zia on Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Here’s how netizens reacted to the dish:

Social media is up in arms

Although the restaurant has achieved its target of serving an uncommon dish, it has attracted some severe outrage for this act. Several netizens are calling out Bozo for serving a dish that seriously objectifies women. One Facebook user said:

It’s really unfortunate and sad to see that even the most privileged, classist, and elitist part of the society objectifies women like nothing more than Barbie doll? Thank you for instilling this filth in the minds of the youth and other generations to come that we are nothing more than flesh. It’s neither funny, nor it looks good; how twisted and disgusting did you have to be to come up with something like this? It’s shocking and beyond absurd to believe that someone actually came up with this entire marketing campaign/idea, which is not only shallow and in poor taste but also belittling for us women. It’s legit dehumanizing and misogynistic.

Ever since the pictures of “Wagyu Babe” have gone viral, netizens have taken to social media to request the owners of Bozo to take the disrespectful dish off their menu.

Bozo responds to furious netizens

Following the social media uproar, the restaurant owners took to their Instagram story to respond to the angry posts and comments. Apologizing for their creative dish, they said:

We out here are trying to be cutesy with our Wagyu dolls. We didn’t realize we were ruffling so many feathers. Apologies. Our owners recreated their experiences in China and New York for you all. It wreaked some havoc, but that was never the intention. How could it be? One of our partners is a woman, and guess what she’s been proposing since early 2018? Who run the world (Girls, duh). But look, we are out here to cook and serve epic hotpot. If you don’t like our idea, we appreciate the feedback (not the abuse). And while this was always the plan, we will – with utmost urgency – introduce more characters like superheroes, butter bears, etc. So yeah, we’re sorry if you didn’t like this, but growing up eating barbie cakes, we really didn’t think it would be an issue. But let’s move on now and eat some epic hotpot.

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