'Brain fog' found to be one of the lingering problems of COVID-19. What is it?

Scientists are recruiting recovered Covid-19 patients for studies to understand this newfound phenomenon.

After following survivors for different lengths of time and conducting various studies of Covid-19, scientists are tracking different outcomes of recovered patients. Doctors have learned that the virus, SARS-COV-2, disrupts a breathtaking array of tissues in the body. Researches are now trying to make sense of the mystifying illness this disruption causes even after a person recovers from Covid-19.

Adrija Hajra, a physician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, says:

The danger comes when the body responds out of proportion to the infection.

In this unique case, the Coronavirus has a propensity to cause widespread inflammation and blood clotting. A dramatic inflammatory reaction caused by Covid-19 can also engulf the brain. All of these can cause complications like organ damage and other long-lasting and ongoing illnesses.

After extensive research of recovered Coronavirus patients, scientists have discovered that a few symptoms surface before severe damage begins.

Rachael Evans, a pulmonologist at the University of Leicester, says:

We see a really complex group of ongoing symptoms.

One such symptom is Brain Fog.

What is Brain Fog?

Research has shown that Covid-19 infection can damage brain cells by causing inflammation in the brain or the body. This damage may cause neurological complications and other viral infections that can lead to brain fog.

Brain fog causes difficulty in thinking. People with brain fog struggle to think clearly. After recovering from viral infections, people who still don\\’t feel quite right, but have regular brain scans might be going through brain fog. While it is a tremendous mystery, many neurologists describe brain fog as post-viral fatigue related to inflammation in the body.

The Long-term Effect of Brain Fog

Since Covid-19 reactions cause brain fog, it is hard to predict what brain fog can elicit. However, doctors say that the potential long-term effects of Covid-19 (that include brain fog) can damage heart tissue. Severe scarring of the tissue can lead to anything from heart problems to chronic fatigue.

Akiko Iwasaki, from Yale University, says:

Even though it\\’s one virus, it can cause all different kinds of diseases in people.

Who are at Risk?

Researchers suspect that if people are already suffering from a disease and contract the virus, they will be tipped into more hazardous terrain. This factor can even accelerate the damage caused by brain fog. However, other healthy people can also show apparent long-term risk factors after contracting the Coronavirus.

What Do We Know For Now?

Steven Deeks, an HIV researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, says:

We don\\’t have a broad idea of what\\’s happening. What does \\’ongoing symptoms\\’ even mean? Is that week, months? We don\\’t know if it\\’s years.

Cardiologists, neurologists, and pulmonologists are all equally stunned after discovering the long term effects of Coronavirus on recovered patients. They are observing many chronic symptoms and complications like brain fog, but they are still learning how to avert these symptoms and help the patients.

Scientists are recruiting recovered Covid-19 patients for studies to understand this newfound phenomenon. Their blood, saliva, and other biological specimens are being banked and analyzed.

This latest chapter in the Covid-19 chronicle, the brain fog, is sobering. After this, scientists have only one message to impart: Do not underestimate the force of the virus.

Akiko Iwasaki, from Yale University, warns people about Covid-19 and suggests that they take precautionary measures:

Even if the story comes out a little scary, we need a bit of that right now. The world needs to know how high the stakes are because once the disease is established, it\\’s tough to go backward.

Watch this video to learn how to naturally cure and manage Brain Fog:

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