Reputed brands including Hugo Boss, Guess, Target shifting from China to Pakistan!

Razzaq added that more and more brands are shifting to Pakistan.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Industry, Abdul Razzaq Dawood, has announced that multi-national brands like Guess, Target, Hanes, and Hugo Boss have shifted their orders from China to Pakistan.

He broke the news via his Twitter account, where he expressed his happiness on the good tidings.

Razzaq added that more and more brands are shifting to Pakistan.

“It is a good trend, and I am very hopeful that this will continue. I hope that exporters will capitalize on this opportunity”, he said.

In July 2020, the luxurious German brand Hugo Boss placed its first order of sportswear to a company based in Pakistan. This is a promising development as the country’s latest Textile Policy 2020-25 is almost finalized and has an export target of $20.8 billion.

The policy also includes 8 main goals: promoting value addition, certifying cotton growers’ productivity, selecting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for infrastructure, compliance, energy efficiency, quality assurance, productivity projects, and strengthening Pakistan’s expertise in manmade fiber.

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