Breaking Stereotypes: Additional AC Peshawar Reaches To Perform Her Duty With 5-months-old Baby

Women in consevervative, male-driven societies like Pakistan always suffer balatant stigmatisation with their contribution in the social structure. Regarded as ‘weak’ and treated as agency of men, women’s job usually is restricted to four walls of the house, while male figures engage themselves in jobs, financially providing for the family.

The gender roles have often restricted women, as it is generally perceived a woman cannot be a good mother and an indivisual with a career – which is not the truth. It is ironic in itself that why men aren’t asked the same question that how they will maintain balance between their job and grooming of children because men do not require to do so. But a woman does and she performs both roles with extraordinary excellence.

An unconventional and unique example was set forth by Pesha war Additional Assistant Commissioner Sarah Tawab, who can be seen on roads performing her duty carrying her 5 months old baby.

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The pictures of Sarah went viral on social media yesterday and the internet community celebrated this hero, appreciating the example she is putting forth. Carrying her child in her hands, Sarah was visiting the shops and restaurants checking the quality of food.

”This picture is powerful. Images can convey a deep radical promise by preserving the moment when an everyday thing becomes a subversive challenge to settled notions. ‘A woman is weak because she has kids…’ And here is Assistant Commissioner Peshawar Sara Tawab working in a place, where patriarchy is enforced by the burden of culture and traditions, and wielding power while at the same time proving that women having kids is not a sign of weakness or a disability at all.” – wrote a Facebook page ‘Feminism Pakistan’ appreciating the woman and stereotypes she is breaking. 

Here is what the internet community had to say about it:

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