Breaking Stereotypes : British-Pakistan Woman Becomes First Ever Muslim/Asian Female Superintendent Detective Of Scotland Yard

In an atmosphere where women empowerment appears to be only restricted to liberty in dressing up by choice,  women like Shabnam Chaudhri keep breaking all sorts of stereotypes. When we say stereotypes, it not only means the established orthodox beliefs associated with women. But also stepping out of comfort zone and doing something so courageous that leaves everyone stunned regardless of gender.

Shabnam sets a similar example as she becomes not only the first Pakistani but also the first Asian Muslim woman to be appointed as detective superintendent police in Scotland Yard.
She said that this means a lot for her as she worked really hard for six years to reach where she is today.
She said she has been assaulted, kicked and has fought crime gangs on her professional road.

On asking about the challenges she faced, she said that her parents, like most in this region, wanted her to marry at an early age and ‘settle’ down.
But she pursued her dream. She further said that as her parents saw her fighting the crime, wrongdoings in the society and helping those in need, their perspective changed and now they are very proud of what she has achieved.

Source: RS-Tech

She said that her career in the police has made her fearless. She has faced a lot of hurdles and challenges that have made her strong to face anything.
Shabnam said that her inspiration is Benazir Bhutto and her role model is her mother. She also shows hope that she can inspire more Muslim women to step out of their comfort zone and fulfill their dreams against all odds.

Congratulations Shabnam! We hope that your merits can inspire women here to take up challenges and stun the world as she already has.

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