Breaking Stereotypes: Couple Says No To Fancy Wedding, Setting A New Precedent

The institution of marriage in Pakistan faces is distorted and deshaped, what has further plagued this relationship is the commercial approach towards it. More than an event to enjoy, weddings have become more of a burden, that puts dents on the financial situation of the family which takes quite some time to recover.

But in contrary to this, this couple wanted to prove that simple marriages can work as well! Rather than surrendering to social pressure and pre-set dynamics, they both tied the know with simplicity, breaking all stereotypes.

Subhan Aslam and Saadia Subhan shared their beautiful story. Both of them kept the gathering really small and composed. Their parents and few close friends were part of the nikah. After exchanging vows, they both dropped their parents off and went to Nathiya Gali for a short honeymoon. They got back and went to work on Monday morning. Here is what they had to say:

The way this adorable couple decided to lead their marriage, keeping it free of extra hassle is truly an inspiration. Subhan Aslam shared on social media that convincing their parents for it wasn’t easy, but they wanted to show the society how you can actually start the new phase of your life without worrying about all the extra decorative stuff, ultimately giving rise to the burden.

He added that if someone can afford it, it is their wish how to spend that money. But consciously and unconsciously we are putting the burden on the middle-class and lower-class by setting such standards for marriages. Subhan said that parents should take into consideration what the children want, while the children should not put the pressure of a lavish wedding on their parents, especially if they come from a humble background. Life is simple, we make it complicated.

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