Breaking Stereotypes | Meet Rubab, Pakistan’s first-ever female food delivery rider

Fighting against gender roles and shattering stereotypes, Pakistani women are making their presence felt in all spheres of life – bravely and unapologetically. Women make half of the Pakistani population however they only constitute 15% to 20% of the workforce. Hence women participation in the corporate sphere is not only an individualistic need but also a significant determinant of a country’s economic progress.

Among them is Rubab, Pakistan’s first ever female food delivery rider. Belonging to foodpanda’s fleet of delivery riders now, she has rewritten the journey for women in Pakistan, setting a precedent for them to explore new earning options.

Wearing a helmet, reclaiming her space on roads, challenging gender roles, Rubab will now be seen bravely roaming around, delivering delicious food.

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“I had always thought if women can hail bikes as their means of commute, it shouldn’t be all inappropriate for us to take up food delivery jobs as well. I spotted foodpanda’s job ad for riders and filed an application. Within a few days, I was called over for registration and that is where my journey of hope began”. – she said. 
Commenting on Rubab’s interest in food delivery service, which is conventionally deemed as an under-preferred profession for them, Rider Supply Lead at foodpanda, Faisal, says:
“I wasn’t expecting a woman to opt for a rider’s job role. I can say I was a little surprised. I asked what made her want to work as a rider and she said she wanted to do it to earn a decent living for herself and her family. I appreciated her passion.” 

See her journey here:

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