Breaking The Silence Of Militancy: Peshawar’s Heritage Trail Welcomes Visitors With Arms Wide Open

After years of militancy and being a target of terrorism, Peshawar is finally taking all the labels off its name. The wait is finally over as people of the provincial capital are welcoming visitors from across the country to visit its heritage trail. Chief Minister Pervez Khattak formerly inaugurated the trail earlier this week. The archaeology department finally achieved this milestone in a city that has seen years after years of deadly terrorist attacks.

The breathtaking trail starts at the monumental Ghanta Ghar, passes through Bazar e Kallan and Sathian Mohalla – having seven palatial wooden havelis that were built 136 years ago by the Sethis. The trail ends on the historical archaeological monument Gor Gathri, situated at one of the highest points of Peshawar city. Under their rule, Sikhs constructed a Hindu temple. Not just that, it also houses Serai Jahandad which was later converted into an artisan village, a British fire brigade station with two vintage fire engines connecting back to 1912 and a 17-century Hindu temple.

The government allocated rupees 350 million for the conservation of the mentioned area. It redesigned 80 new buildings in the beautiful contemporary traditional style. Facades redid with stunning lattice woodwork, underground gas, electricity and sewage system and streets wearing flowers and lights as jewellery has blessed the city with an everlasting gift.

Tourism research officer Nawazudin says that all the remaining linked streets will be redesigned as well. He added that the project did not dislocate even a single shop or house as an effort to encourage them to explore the trail.

‘’Earlier there was no car park in the surrounding localities, but the locals have made one now.’’ – said Nawazudin.

A wedding hall that was previously constructed by a minister at Gor Gathri has also been demolished as a part of the project to make space for parks.


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