Brett Lee narrates when Wasim Akram got Kallis out in four balls when others tried the entire day [Video]

Wasim Akram and Brett Lee

Former Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee, has narrated an interesting story of the legendary Wasim Akram when he coached him at the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Binga was talking on his YouTube channel, where he narrated the story of the Sultan of Swing getting Jacques Kallis out in just four balls when Lee and his teammates couldn’t.

The former Aussie bowler stated that while bowling to the Protease legend, he asked Wasim Akram about his strategy against the great man. The former Pakistani skipper advised him to “try and shape the ball away, you may want to change the position of the seam there.”

Despite trying his best, Brett Lee couldn’t Kallis get out as he was perfectly middling each and every ball. “All our bowlers were struggling with a brand new ball on a brand new wicket, and Kallis was making it look so easy,” he said.

After seeing his bowlers fail, Wasim decided to have a go at it himself. Lee recalled asking the legendary left arm pacer what he is going to do? “I will take four back in and one away,” Akram replied.

The South African great played the first three balls comfortably and then the Sultan of Swing decided to show him why he is considered as one of the all time greats.

“As he walked back, he winked at me, and said ‘watch this!’ He turned the ball over and did that with the seam position (Lee shows how the seam is now pointing towards first slip), and took one away straight. Nick and gone!”

Brett Lee recalled calling Akram a genius, adding that they were bowling to Kallis the entire day but he got him out exactly as he said he would.

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