‘Brick and Mortar Of PM House Will Now Host Scholars, Teachers & Students’

Fulfilling the promise, Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated conversion of PM house into Islamabad National University. He made this announcement during a seminar on “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan”.

Talking to a local media news source, Shafqat Mahmood, Minister for Education and Professional Training said that the institute will focus on advanced research studies and will later be developed into a university.

“An institute of advanced studies for research will be established at the old PM House. It will eventually lead to the establishment of a university.”

The PM had committed to turning PM House into a state-of-art university to narrow down the gap between government and public. Putting forth an example of propagation of education and improving quality, the incumbent government has vowed to elevate the quality of education.

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The PM also approved establishing the Institute of Advanced Studies in the initial phase of the university.
People have also lauded the move and appreciated the unconventional step. Here is what the Twitter community had to say:

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