British Council introduces computer-based IELTS

British Council launches computer-based IELTS test

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)  is an internationally recognised English proficiency test. It is mandatory for securing admission in universities across the world, especially if you are exploring your opportunities as an overseas student. It is a pathway provided by the British Council to attain competitive opportunities for students and educationists alike.

In pleasant progress, the test takers will now be able to take their IELTS on a computer, through a computerised test. The new computer-based test will be launched in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad from 24th February 2019. The new computer-delivered IELTS test will not replace paper-based IELTS but rather offer a choice in delivery and more availability.

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Now it provides a choice to the test takers to choose between the option that is best suited for them. The results of the test will be delivered faster now as well, and it will be announced with the seven days after they have taken it.

The allotted timings, currciculum and content included in the test will be the same. Whether you choose to take the test on paper or computer, you will basically be taking the same test. The reason for introducing the computer test is to comply with the modern standards applicable worldwide and security.

Rosemary Hilhorst, The British Council’s Country Director Pakistan, said that the purpose of this measure is to ensure convenience.

”We aim to provide our test takers with greater flexibility along with the convenience of choosing the IELTS delivery method that suits them the most.” – she said.

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