British firm launches high court case against government & Nab over ‘unpaid bill’ for Nawaz Sharif investigations

Pakistan faces claim over London luxury flats seized from ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

  • Pakistan could not pay a multi-million-pound bill for finding properties once owned by ex-PM Nawaz Sharif.
  • The asset recovery agreement between NAB and Broadsheet says that 20% of any assets recovered from the targets will be entitled to a firm, regardless of whether the assets were located in Pakistan or abroad.


A British firm has instigated a case against the government of Pakistan and NAB. The firm says that the Pakistani government failed to pay a multi-million-pound bill for finding information about the properties once owned by ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to the source, a firm broadsheet has asked for an unusual claim of 17 million pounds.

They are also planning to own assets like Avenfield apartments, park lane flats in central London, which happened to be the homes of Sharif family.

Nawaz Sharif the owner of the property is currently in jail on corruption charges.

As of today, the departments are said to be worth more than 8 million pounds.

Stuart Newberger, a senior partner at the Washington-based law firm Crowell and Moring, which represents Broadsheet, said: “Pakistan has refused to comply with this final non-appealable court decision, thus requiring Broadsheet to enforce this order by seizing Pakistan’s assets,”.

He further added in private hearing court ruled that Pakistan owed the firm 22m dollars for helping the government to locate the assets of ex-PM.

Alliance Between Nab & Broadsheet

An agreement between NAB and Broadsheet was signed in 2000 to track down the assets of Pakistani politicians and their families most particularly Nawaz Sharif.

Agreement document also says that 20 percent of the assets recovered entitled to the firm whether they are located in Pakistan or any other country.

NAB terminated the agreement in 2003 but Broadsheet claims that they learned that NAB signed a secret deal with Nawaz Sharif and other officials.

The campaign of the current Prime Minister revolved around the corruption investigation of Nawaz Sharif.

So far, no response from the Pakistan high commission has been heard on repeated requests.

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  • Zani. Khan. .selected. Prime. Minister. Selected. By. 3 army. Generals. . a. Zani. . arrest. Him

    • It could be FAKE NEWS.
      The case is old case back in 2003. So Pak Gov. must look into Statue of Limitation according to Law of land.

      Another member whose name is Sala spit his crap though his mouth.
      The case is during Musharaf Khabees time and he granted NRO to Ganja Brothers and Corrupt Benazeer.
      What IK had to do.

      When you show your hate, it reflect your personality and proper training by your parents. I sympathize with them.

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